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Halloween – Statistics in the USA – 2019

  Today is Halloween! And there’s some weird stuff going on tonight… – Americans will spend about $8.8 billion in preparation for Halloween tonight 🤮. – 22% of Americans will go to a haunted house attraction. – And 80% of those haunted houses are operated by charities! (It’s a good thing, because they generate ~$300mil Read more about Halloween – Statistics in the USA – 2019[…]

Pessimists are right too!

The Pessimists are Always Right (In the Short Term)

  The Pessimists are always right! (in the short term) – Guest post written by Joel’s Dad! –   Do you ever get tempted to divide everyone up into optimists and pessimists? Optimists are always looking on the bright side; “glass half full”, ready to accept even the smallest chance of success against the odds. Read more about The Pessimists are Always Right (In the Short Term)[…]

wishing and hoping

Replace Wishing with Working

You get what your work for, not what you wish for.   Back in my early 20’s, I used to hate Mondays. I sat in my cubicle at work just wishing my life would be better. Week after week, nothing improved. As I grew older I changed my attitude towards “work”. I realized my chances of achieving the things I wanted Read more about Replace Wishing with Working[…]

Accidental Hard Money Lending

  Steve: Hey Joel, can I borrow $50,000? Joel: Ah… that’s a lot of money… What are you gonna do with it? Steve: Well, I have an opportunity to buy a rundown house. My plan is to fix it up, put a renter inside, and then sell it to another investor as a “turnkey” rental Read more about Accidental Hard Money Lending[…]

Dumping Amazon PRIME

  Earlier this year I cancelled my Amazon PRIME membership. It’s not because I’m disgruntled or didn’t enjoy their service. I’m actually a huge fan of Amazon. My reasons for cancelling were: I realized the “benefits” of PRIME membership can easily be found elsewhere – free shipping, fast shipping, convenience, streaming, etc. is not unique Read more about Dumping Amazon PRIME[…]

I hate leaf blowers

Don’t be a leaf blower!

I hate leaf blowers. Every Monday my gardeners come and fire up 2 loud leaf blowers. They circle around my house blowing all the leaves, dust, sticks and rocks away from my yard and straight into my neighbors yards. A couple days later, my neighbor’s gardeners come. They fire up their leaf blowers and blow Read more about Don’t be a leaf blower![…]