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5/26/2018 –  What money can’t buy…


So you’ve been out all week, working hard, busting your balls to earn money so that you and your family can have the finer things in life. Good stuff.

Working hard is good. Getting paid is good.

But let’s not forget the things in life that money can’t buy. You need these to survive and enjoy life also.

– Manners
– Morals
– Respect
– Character
– Common Sense
– Trust
– Patience
– Class
– Integrity
– Love

Since you can’t buy these things, they are all FREE.

You earn/learn them by connecting with other people. Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend with your friends and family. That’s what life’s all about.

And seriously, I think it’s time that everybody learned some f*cking manners. (oops)


5/25/2018 –  Only got one shot today…


TODAY will never come again.

You’re only gonna live it once – So take a little time this morning and think about how to make it a good one!

And hopefully you can knock off a little early and start enjoying the long weekend ahead.

Happy Friday!


5/24/2018 – A few morning notes…


Remember Today:

– You are awesome
– You can solve any challenge that comes at you today
– Your attitude is 100% in your control, so own it and make it positive 🙂
– You are lucky enough to be in a position to help others today
– Life is good.

Have a kickass morning!


5/23/2018 – Pay it forward!


Yesterday, I was the recipient of an unexpected gift from some new friends.

Instead of paying them back (I probably will anyway), today I plan to pay it forward to others.

“Service to others is the rent for your room here on earth” – Ali

Pay It Forward. How does it work?

Do 1-3 good deeds for random people throughout your day without asking for anything in return. Instead, ask that they pay it forward by repeating the process…


Pay it forward motivation



5/22/2018 – Live a passion-based life…



Finding your PASSION isn’t about careers and money. 

It’s about finding your authentic self. The one that’s buried behind everyone else’s needs.

“True passion is contagious. When you’re fully present and passionately engaged with your life, people around you take notice and want in on whatever you’re doing.”

Go get it!



5/21/2018 – I Certainly Dig It….


Daily motivation emails


5/20/2018 – Slowdown Sunday


Life isn’t a race.

Take it one day at a time, at your own speed.

You’re doing just fine.

Have an awesome, relaxing Sunday.


5/19/2018 – Wine and Shine!


Good morning everyone!

This is Machi, one of Joel’s good friends and 5AM accountability partner.
I spent the night here last night after an Uncorked Wine Tasting
event at LA’s Skirball Museum. Quite the evening, and while my
head may be swimming slightly from the wide varieties of wine sampled,
I figured I’d step in on the Morning Email.

It’s not easy to do 5AM every day. In fact, it’s mornings like these
that when I first hear my alarm I question my sanity and wish I
could just close my eyes and ignore my convictions.
But instead, habit kicks in and my feet hit the floor.
If you asked me why, I’d tell you that it’s
because Consistency is the Key to Success.

You’ll have mornings like this too. Or days, challenges, obstacles,
or even entire weeks? Who knows?
But the important thing to remember is why you started, and
why you need to keep going.

Have a great Saturday Everyone! We’re off to walk the dog.


5/18/2018 – 5 For Friday!


5 for friday

Think about these and fill in the blanks…

  1. Friday is _______ day.
  2. Today I will kick ass at ________.
  3. I am so grateful for ________.
  4. Today I’m gonna help ______ get the ______ done.
  5. When I get off work I’m looking forward to _______!!!!


5/17/2018 – Take off the white wig…



“Why point out the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye, when you ignore the massive log in your own eye?.” – Matthew 7:3

For those of you who didn’t grow up with Bible verses, this basically means:

“Don’t attack other people for their minor flaws, because you have your own, much larger flaws.”

To Do Today: Don’t be an asshole. Fix yourself before fixing others.



5/16/2018 – Just be…


Wherever you go = There you are.

I heard this on a podcast yesterday:

“I used to find myself searching for happiness in physical locations or external experiences… Whereas now, I feel like I’m happy to just be.”

Sounds nice, right?

To Do Today: Just be. Enjoy.

just be daily motivational emails


5/15/2018 – Daily Motivational Emails: User Submission!


Yesterday a good friend sent me this. (I’m forwarding it with their permission of course)…

Yesterday I caught myself getting down on me. I was looking at my situation from a negative lens. Negative on my age, negative on my job, negative on my bank account, negative on my accomplishments. I caught myself in the middle of a story that would leave me unmotivated and unwilling to put my best foot forward and capture the best of life day after day simply by showing up with my strengths.

I realized that by focusing on negatives I was only leaving room for my weaknesses.

So I flipped the script and redefined everything I was looking down on. There’s always a positive side, and it’s oftentimes more true than the negative. It left me smiling, proud of myself, and excited to conquer the next day and make more of myself.

It’s Tuesday, what story are you going to tell yourself today?

Happy Tuesday!

5/14/2018 – Monslay



1. Killing it at the start of the week.
2. Waking up with purpose and intent to kick Monday’s ass

OK Monday…. LET’S DO THIS!

Daily Motivational Email


5/13/2018 – Happy Mothers Day!

Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine for your Mom today.

After all, you are one of the reasons she drinks!

 Take your mama out all night

(Click to play)


5/12/2018 – Hello Weekend!

Bonjour! Happy Morning!

The weekend is here.  So it’s time to forget all the negative things you’ve encountered this past week, put on hold all your shitty projects, and have a great time.

Sunset Hammock

5/11/2018 – My second favorite F word…

Happy Aloha Friday


5/10/2018 – Parkinson was a smart dude…


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

  • Allow 5 hours for task = It’ll take 5 hours.
  • Allow 1 year for goal = It’ll take 1 year.

Parkinsons law


5/9/2018 – Always be +++

Motivational emails


This morning I woke up to a message from some old friends.


Im so blessed to have happy, healthy, and funny friends in my life.


Have an an awesome day!


5/8/2018 – Have a Lovely Day


Don’t forget to laugh today 🙂


5/7/2018 – Monday Shmonday…


There are so many good things to look forward to this week!

And it all starts today.


Daily motivational email


5/6/2018 – 5AM… OUCH


Getting up this morning was very hard. I drank like a fish yesterday, my head hurts, only got a few hours sleep. etc. etc.

But I made a commitment to myself that I would get up at 5.

And more importantly, I made a commitment to my dog that I would take him to the park. And I can’t let him down.

Cooper daily motivational email


5/5/2018 – Drinko de Mayo…


It’s important to have goals.


And my goal today is to drink 12 beers.


Cinco de Mayo Coronas


5/4/2018 – Happy StarWars Day!


May fourth


5/3/2018 – Speed it up!


Did you know that Warren Buffett purchased a $23 Billion company (McLane Distribution) on the basis of a two-hour face to face meeting?

The merger took less than a month and avoided months and millions for due diligence and attorneys.

Personally I’m about to enter a partnership with some high risks. But I trust the partnership and am swiftly moving forward.

I learned some of this crap from a good book by Stephen Covey if you want to have a read too. Others here.


Speed of Trust


5/2/2018 – What’s the deal?

Wednesday’s deal:


Today you are making a deal with yourself…

You will exchange 1 x Day of your life, and in return you will get _______.

What is _______?

It’s whatever you want it to be. You choose. So make it count. Your time starts….




5/1/2018 – It’s MAY already…


2018 is flying by.


How’s your year going so far? Accomplishing everything you planned to?


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