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4/30/2018 – It’s Monday and I’m Tired…


Tired vs. Determination

It’s Monday and I’m exhausted from a long, packed and fun weekend. I’m tired and want to stay in bed.

But, I’ve also got things to do today that are important. Things that I’m passionate about. I am determined to get my stuff done.

Determination wins.

“Even a little progress each day adds up to big results.”


4/29/2018 – Camp Joel

Good Morning from Lake Isabella!

I’m out here camping in the middle of nowhere and found cell reception to send this email. Hence the photo of me and my wife and dog.

Life is good.



4/28/2018 – Hug An Australian!

4/27/2018 – TGIF!!


But it’s Friday and time to slow down… right?

Nope. Time to speed up. Finish the week strong!!



4/26/2018 – A Quick Question…


4/25/2018 – The little things:


“Don’t forget to love the small, beautiful moments in life. Even if they happen every day.”


This morning I’m drinking the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my entire life. Not sure why it’s so good – I used the same water, grinds and coffee maker I use every day. But for some reason it’s the most amazing coffee ever.

I wouldn’t trade this cup of coffee for a million dollars.


4/24/2018 – Wear it; Share it:


You smile = they smile.

It’s that simple.


Step 1: Flex the muscles at the sides of your mouth.
Step 2: Squint eyes and raise eyebrows
Step 3: Think about your awesome life, it makes the smile easier.



4/23/2018 – First of All:


YOU are smart enough to solve any issue or problem that comes your way today.

YOU are in charge of today’s outcome and how good or bad is.

YOU have a responsibility to help others today.

“If you think that Monday sucks, then your Monday will suck.” – J.O.


4/22/2018 – Welcome to BIODOME!


Happy Earth Day!




Happy Earth Day



4/21/2018 – Inside or Outside?




– 30 Minutes of an outdoor sport that you love


– 10 mins stretching
– 30 x jumping jacks
– 30 x pushups
– 50 x situps

“But Joel, It’s Saturday. Can’t I take a day off from being awesome and just be lazy and do nothing and watch DWTS?”

No. Just do it.


4/20/2018 – Time to Get High


Getting High on Life

This is the feeling you get when you realize how amazing your life is.

Anyone can get it. It can be achieved many different ways.

For some it’s when getting an adrenaline rush, or others simply by remembering that it’s Friday and your finishing up a killer week.

In case you need help remembering:

– You are awesome.
– Your life is awesome.
– Have a great day.



4/19/2018 – Awesome Magnet



hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.
“Practice your optimism. You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude, and you can’t have a bad day with a GOOD attitude.”

4/18/2018 – Opinions are like butt-holes…


“Opinions are like butt-holes. Everybody has one, and none of them smell very good.”

One of my weaknesses is asking 100 different people’s opinion before I pursue something. I’m trying to change that, and I’m sharing this butt-hole saying in case you need to hear it too. It’s also very funny.

Have a good one,



4/17/2018 – Swing for the fences!


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today is going to be a killer day. Time to get out there and smash it!

Remember, Babe Ruth was not only the home run king, he was also the strike out king.



4/16/2018 – I Love Monday’s!!!



It’s a new week, so time for a new perspective.

Whatever problem you’re dealing with, it’s not permanent. You can solve it.

Have a great day, and don’t forget to be awesome.



4/15/2018 – The Wonderful Paradox



So simple, yet I constantly need reminding…




4/14/2018 – Morning Shower Tools


3 Must-haves for Every Shower:


1. Waterproof Speaker or Radio: Music and dancing should be part of everyone’s daily awesome routine.

2. Shower Rocks: Simple reminders to have a kick-ass day and stay motivated.  (I made mine. Happy to ship you some, just send me your address and Venmo me a few $ for postage)

3. Beverages: Coffee for morning showers, beer for afternoon showers. Try to store your mugs up high to avoid drinking your own shower water.


Awesome shower rocks



4/13/2018 – Don’t be so quick to judge


Yesterday morning I was at the dog park at 5.35am. I saw the resident crazy homeless guy who lives there, Richard. I usually try to avoid him because he likes to talk my ear off instead letting me enjoy the 5am silence.

I couldn’t avoid him yesterday. He had me cornered and was giving me financial advice. I was frustrated and silently judging him in my head. Ignoring his ramble, I noticed he was wearing a dirty jacket, cheap jeans, and an old pair of crocs with a fleece liner. He was unshaven, had a hood over his head, and smelled pretty bad. A typical bum.

Feeling far superior than him, I snobbed him off and headed back to my car. As I was putting my dog in the backseat, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the car window… I was unshaven, hood over my head, wearing a dirty jacket. Ah crap… I looked down; I was also wearing cheap jeans, and old pair of crocs with fleece lining, and to top it all off – I smelled bad too.

Basically, I realized I am exactly the same as the bum that I was judging. I’ve even been known to ramble and give financial advice to people in the park.

“Don’t be so quick to judge. Always look in the mirror first!”

To make matters worse, as I was driving away, homeless Richard yelled out: “Say hi to your beautiful wife for me. Seeing you guys really brightens my day.”

In conclusion, I feel like an ass, and will never judge people again.

4/12/2018 – Family First



Wise words from Matt Anderson:


If everything else in your life turns to sh*t, you’ll always have your family to fall back on…
…but, only if you set it up that way”




4/11/2018 – Make Do With What You Have


My wife was a little annoyed about the no TV challenge yesterday. I sent the email out without consulting her first.

So as a punishment, she made me ‘act out’ her favorite movie instead. It was a great performance if I may say so!

Make do with what you have! Could even turn out to be fun!

What did you get up to?



4/10/2018 – Tuesday Challenge


Are you up for a little challenge today?

Good. Me too. Join me for:

No TV today.

There are a ton of cool things to do instead of watching TV. If you can’t think of anything, then you need to shut off the TV for longer. Try 30 days.



4/9/2018 – Advice from Stephen Covey:


“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”



We often get so distracted by life, social media, etc., and at the end of the day, we haven’t really moved the needle on what we truly care about.

TO DO TODAY:  Guard your time.
Keep your main thing the main thing.



4/8/2018 – Don’t be a WIMP!



Nervous about doing something new?
Scared about an upcoming big decision?
Worried about what people will think?

Call 1-800-OLEARY. I’ve got a fresh dose of encouragement for you.



4/7/2018 – Today’s Forecast…


100% Chance of Success!


Success is awesome




4/6/2018 – My 5am Daily Struggle…


5AM Alarm Goes Off…


Here’s the conversation I have in my head every single morning:

Joel: Ah crap, I don’t want to get up.
Joel: Too bad, you made a commitment and have to stick to it.

Joel: But I’m still tired and didn’t sleep enough last night.
Joel: That’s not true, you’ve had enough sleep. Get up now.

Joel: This sucks, I’m not having fun anymore.
Joel: That’s not true, don’t be lazy. You have an incredible life –> fun is what you make it.

Joel: ok, ok… I’ll get up now and start doing my stuff.
Joel: Good, and if you finish all your tasks before 9am you can have a breakfast beer. Deal?

Joel: DEAL!  I’m up and ready to rock!



4/5/2018 – Adventures Ahead!


Today’s Choice:


You take the blue pill—you sleep in, get up slowly, drift though today with no drive, late for meetings, barely scrape by, and get further away from your goals.

You take the red pill—you wake up a rockstar, smashing today’s tasks left and right, with a positive attitude, helping others and living today as a better person than you were yesterday.

Time to choose one…


Blue pill or red pill?



4/4/2018 – A Quote for You


“If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you’ve got to wake up and pay attention.”  – Woopie Goldberg


(Yes, I watched Sister Act #2 last night. Loved it.)



4/3/2018 – Time To ROCK!


– Find a pump up song
– Put on your headphones
– Turn up to volume 11
– Get ready to ROCK your day

Volume 11



4/2/2018 – The Compound Effect


The Difference Between 99% and 100%


Image two identical people. Same jobs, same city, same family situation, same body type, same everything.

One day, one of them starts putting in a tiny bit more effort every day. They try to be 101% of the person they were yesterday. The other person starts putting in a tiny bit less effort daily. Only trying to do 99%, thinking that’s good enough. The difference seems minuscule.

Fast forward one year. These people are now radically different. One is healthier, happier, smarter, fitter, and richer. The other is lazy, slow, and struggling to get by.

In summary, overachieving isn’t very hard. It just requires a tiny little bit more effort, applied consistently.


Awesome Equation



4/1/2018 – Happy Easter!!



Have an eggcellent day.




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