Less complaining & more *doing something about it*

“I love to walk regularly, and I used to complain to myself about all the garbage I saw everywhere while walking. Then one day I said: I could do something different, I could be thankful that I have legs to walk, hands that move and a body that can bend. I could pick up the Read more about Less complaining & more *doing something about it*[…]

Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future!

Happy Friday, and happy Earth Day! 🌎 Here are some cool facts and stories about our earth and things within it… – From Sam M: “My favorite nature fact is about trees. They serve an incredibly important function called “carbon sequestration”. Trees literally pull carbon out of the air and bury it in their roots. Read more about Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future![…]

Fun happenings in the community…

Here are some celebrations and things some of y’all shared… – Ben H turned 38 this week! He’s celebrating “having good friends and a sunny spring weekend to camp on the Oregon coast”. Woohoo! 🥳 – Kathy from Oklohoma said: “7 years ago today, I signed my acceptance letter and paid my deposit for law Read more about Fun happenings in the community…[…]

Fun Feedback from you awesome peeps!

I love getting replies from you guys. Here are some cool ones from the past couple weeks… ***** In response to the GivingCard Stories email, Murph replied: “To my sweet Joel💕… I can’t believe you posted that today… 💕That’s me…💕 Your favorite kindergarten teacher Murph… 💕Love you always and forever” Whoa! Small world! Nice to Read more about Fun Feedback from you awesome peeps![…]

Set a date –> Make a change

This is one of my favorite stories… A buddy of mine, Kevin, was a successful lawyer years ago. Although his career was going well, he was miserable and stressed at his job. So, one day he set a calendar appointment exactly 1 year into the future labelled “Quit my job”. Throughout that year he experimented, Read more about Set a date –> Make a change[…]

How do you cheer yourself up?

A few weeks back I asked you guys “How do you cheer yourself up, snap out of a bad mood, and switch from negative to positive thinking?”… 7 brave soles responded, and here are the replies below! (and right at the very bottom, I’m adding a link to my personal massive list I’ve been building Read more about How do you cheer yourself up?[…]

A few fun stories from this past week!

Got some fun email replies this week and wanted to share the joy… Have a great weekend! Love, Joel. ***** From Rebecca: “I get to give someone a 15% raise today, to someone who was my friend before they worked with me and who I know needs this raise. I’m looking forward to it extremely! Read more about A few fun stories from this past week![…]