making mistakes real estate

Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It

  Sometimes I feel like the world‘s worst real estate investor. Even with all the books, podcasts, and knowledge I’ve consumed over the years, I still regularly screw up, waste time, lose money, and make rookie mistakes. I’m not alone…   Perfect Investors: – don’t lose money, – don’t make mistakes – don’t need help Read more about Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It[…]

Strategy Change

Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies

Earlier this year I found myself in a rut. A real estate investing rut. I had my head down focusing on buy/hold rental properties for so many years, I never really took a step back to consider my overall strategy and general position as an investor. In addition to this rut, a couple new factors Read more about Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies[…]

House Flip Case Study

Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A!

  Investing in a House Flip   For a long time my investment strategy has been “buy and hold” rentals. Specifically, small multi-family properties. This has been a slow and conservative way to building wealth through real estate. I’ve read about people that “flip” houses for quick profits, and it never really interested me in Read more about Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A![…]