Spreading joy in the neighborhood 🍋

Happy Saturday! Here’s a fun story that came in from Jason R

“Yesterday, two little girls came to the door selling lemonade door to door. This was just them trying to make a few bucks but I was impressed with their drive. I asked if they had the lemonade, they said no, they’d have to go get it. I asked how much and they said $1 per cup. I placed an order for two cups. They were so excited, off they went.

About 10 minutes later they came back with two cups. I gave them $2 plus $2 in tips since they did good job. They were so excited.

The lemonade was truly awful. And the serving size was approximately 2 ounces served in a 16oz cup.

And I saw them a couple hours later still going door to door. So they must’ve had some success in selling.

Spreading joy in the neighborhood”


I remember selling chocolate cakes door to door as a kid with my siblings. Nothing made us happier than having someone say Yes and buy something.

This weekend: If you see a kid selling stuff, play their game and give them a few bucks. It’s not about the horrible lemonade, it’s about encouraging entrepreneurial skills and boosting confidence in kids.

Have an awesome weekend!!!
– Joel

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