Words cast spells 🫲

Bruce Lee once said: “don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. What you’re not changing, you’re also choosing.” TODAY: Positive words about yourself Read more about Words cast spells 🫲[…]

No one stopping you –> but you.

I came up with a cool idea recently… Take some lemon seeds and lime seeds, plant them in my backyard… Wait until the plants become like 1-2 feet tall, then i’m gonna try grafting them together to make hybrid lemon/lime trees. Then after the small trees are strong enough, I’ll sell each lemon/lime hybrid tree Read more about No one stopping you –> but you.[…]

Water in the morning = happy day ahead!

Did you know… that drinking water makes your day seem less daunting? 💧 Studies show that dehydration leads people to view tasks as more difficult vs those who are fully hydrated. This then ripples into the patients happiness and overall wellbeing. So there you have it! Drink more water each morning, and all your problems Read more about Water in the morning = happy day ahead![…]

Up days and down days. Just keep going.

Yesterday I got up at 5am and sat in front of my laptop… I was there for ~90 minutes, and couldn’t write a single word. Writers block + a long week of unfortunate events + busy holidays approaching + fears of letting people down + momentarily forgetting my direction in life… There was an overload Read more about Up days and down days. Just keep going.[…]

When the magic happens…

Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you’re unmotivated. Magic happens when you remain unbreakably positive, while everyone else is complaining. Magic happens when you have clear goals for the day, and you’ll do anything and everything to achieve them. It’s time for a magical Monday 🌟 Make it happen, – Joel Sunset Read more about When the magic happens…[…]

You can still have fun, even when it’s broken

I got a HUGE bounce house off of Craigslist last week. I was soooo excited to blow it up and host the neighborhood kids. They all waited patiently and watched me as I set it up in the front yard… But sadly, when I plugged the blower in, the bounce house didn’t fully inflate. Turns Read more about You can still have fun, even when it’s broken[…]

wedding officiant speech

I officiated another wedding! Here’s my speech script…

Woohoo! I officiated another friend’s wedding 🙂 And I want to share the speech script in hopes that it helps others out there if they are asked to be a wedding officiant. Before creating this script, I did a lot of googling, talked with older married couples, and pondered a lot about marriage. It took Read more about I officiated another wedding! Here’s my speech script…[…]

Mind vs. Imagination

  Your imagination is bigger than you think. Actually, it’s limitless! Your imagination can solve problems. Your imagination can show you a different perspective. Your imagination can help you create things you don’t even think are possible right now. Today: Tap into your imagination. Happy Thursday!! – Joel

It’s clobbering time 👊

clob·ber verb, informal 1. to hit (something) hard. “Mary vows to clobber her to-do list today” 2. to treat or deal with harshly. “Steve made swift and ruthless decisions, absolutely clobbering his projects at work” 3. to defeat heavily. “Working together, they clobbered the competition” 👊👊👊 Happy Monday, y’all. It’s clobbering time. – Joel Our Read more about It’s clobbering time 👊[…]

Hope in hard times

What weakens you now, strengthens you later. Whatever crappy thing you’re going through right now… it’s developing you into a tougher, stronger, and more knowledgeable person. Hang in there. You do enough. You have enough. You are enough. And you are not alone. 💙 Joel

Should I be hurtful or helpful? 🤷‍♂️

Last week my kid had a small cough. And even though the doctor checked him out, said everything was fine, wrote a note, etc… the teachers wouldn’t let him back at school until the cough was gone. So, he stayed home with me all last week. Anyway, he’s better now, back at school, but yesterday Read more about Should I be hurtful or helpful? 🤷‍♂️[…]

The moment I wake up. (Before I put on my makeup)

Attitude is everything. It’s more important than how you look, what you wear, or the size of your to-do list today. You can conquer anything with the right attitude. Sooooo…. This morning as you’re standing in front of the mirror prettying yourself up for the day, spend a few mins beautifying your headspace and straightening Read more about The moment I wake up. (Before I put on my makeup)[…]

Love yourself first 💆‍♀️

Stuff to try today… Smile at yourself in the mirror this morning. Wish yourself a great day. 😬 Remind yourself of your top 3 superpowers. (mine are positivity, consistency and typing words 🤷‍♂️) If you screw up today, find the humor in the situation. Everybody makes mistakes, that’s OK! 🤦‍♀️ Own your flaws. They are Read more about Love yourself first 💆‍♀️[…]

Ditching negative thoughts (and keeping good ones!)

Did you know… You can get rid of your negative thoughts by writing them down onto a piece of paper, then ripping that paper up and throwing it in the trash? It’s true. A bunch of studies prove that turning our thoughts into material objects —> increases or decreases our mental impact depending on what Read more about Ditching negative thoughts (and keeping good ones!)[…]

A wish for your week ahead

May your week be both focused and impactful, a combination of smashing your to-do list while having the most fun you can along the way. May you remember your boundaries, protecting your flame so you’re in the best position to help others. May you stay positive and optimistic, celebrating when new opportunities fall in your Read more about A wish for your week ahead[…]

Friday affirmations ☝️

I am capable (actually MORE than capable) of finishing all my tasks on time today. ✅ My work stuff today directly contributes to the awesome life I’m building for me and my family. 👨‍👩‍👦 I will attract positive people and situations today (and leave a positive wake for others) 🙌 My superpower is ___________ and Read more about Friday affirmations ☝️[…]

An apple a day 🍎

Did you know… eating more fruits and vegetables will actually make you happier? 🍌🥦🥕 It’s true! (well, maybe)… A recent study conducted with over 12,000 Australian adults found that consuming more fruits and vegetables boosted their happiness, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. Woohoo! But… since the study was conducted in Australia, and Australians are mostly Read more about An apple a day 🍎[…]

Cheers to you, and me 🍻

Musicians don’t retire. They stop when they’ve got no more music in them.” — Louis Armstrong I don’t know about you guys, but there’s plenty of music left in me. Happy Labor Day everyone. Cheers to all your hard work. – Joel Last nights sunset in Ventura, California

Less is more? 🤷‍♂️

This weekend: Less is more! (unless it’s kindness, love, laughing, intimacy, compassion, generosity, happiness, creativity, fun activities, sunshine….) Hang on a sec, I change my mind: More is more! Wishing you a great weekend, packing it with stuff you love. 😎 Love, Joel “There was no one here at 6am” — From my buddy Cullen Read more about Less is more? 🤷‍♂️[…]