Good vibes coming your way

Happy Saturday!!! Wishing you lots of happiness, good vibes, positivity, smiles, hugs and kisses, special moments, delicious foods, relaxing naps, unexpected presents, random signs from the universe, free money, inner peace, uncontrollable laughter, celebrations, play time with friends, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… Did I miss anything? Basically whatever stuff you love in Read more about Good vibes coming your way[…]

A happy Friday checklist… 📝

It’s Friday! Woohoo 🥳 Here are your missions today, should you choose to accept them… ✅ Laugh at least 10 times today ✅ Celebrate a milestone or small win that happened this past week ✅ Celebrate *someone else’s* small win from this past week ✅ Dish out 5 compliments to other people today. (While you’re Read more about A happy Friday checklist… 📝[…]

Compose yourself 🧘‍♀️

com·po·sure (noun) the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. “she retained composure through thick and thin” ***** Good morning, all! Here are a few mid-week reminders: You are in control of your feelings, and your response to situations around you. 🧘 You are a positive thinker! And positivity (+ kindness) Read more about Compose yourself 🧘‍♀️[…]

Small minds vs. great minds

Small minds discuss other people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. – Eleanor Roosevelt Good morning and happy Monday! Wishing you all a great week ahead, sharing and implementing your ideas 😉💡 Make it a good one, – Joel From the beach this weekend 😍

Pay yourself first — Variations

You’ve probably heard of “pay yourself first” when it comes to money management… Well, a lesser known (but equally effective) tactic is to pay yourself first when it comes to other stuff in life, too… Pay yourself first in encouragement. If you don’t believe in yourself it’s hard for others to also. Pay yourself first Read more about Pay yourself first — Variations[…]

Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future!

Happy Friday, and happy Earth Day! 🌎 Here are some cool facts and stories about our earth and things within it… – From Sam M: “My favorite nature fact is about trees. They serve an incredibly important function called “carbon sequestration”. Trees literally pull carbon out of the air and bury it in their roots. Read more about Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future![…]

A rare and beautiful cactus 🌵

Got this cool note from my friend, Mr. Accidentally Retired… 👇👇👇 “Every year around April 1st, almost to the day, the cacti around us start blooming. The most amazing of all is the Argentinian Cactus, which blooms the big, beautiful, white flowers. (pic below!) The Argentinian in particular is interesting, because it starts blooming at Read more about A rare and beautiful cactus 🌵[…]

You are smarter than you think…

Try reading this… Eevn tgouhh tehse wrods rea wirettn unisg jembuld lerttes, uyo cna sitll porbblay udnresnatd waht m’i syanig… T’is baucsee uoy rea sartmre tahn uoy tnihk oyu rea! Today: Trust your gut feelings, your natural intuition, and listen to your spidey-senses… Your ability to figure things out quickly is better than you think. Read more about You are smarter than you think…[…]

Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough

This came in from Paul in San Diego… 👇👇👇 “I struggle with composing responses to work emails. I want to make sure that when I respond to someone, I have all the information that may pertain to their request, neatly formatted the way I believe they want, along with other ‘helpful info’ too. But what Read more about Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough[…]

Living a truly rich life…

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money” Money is important… But life’s true riches lie elsewhere: Relationships. Experiences. Memories. Love. Time. Peace. Wishing you a happy weekend, filled with the good stuff that money can’t buy. Love, Joel My homemade walnut bread turned out awesome!

Zigging and zagging ↘️ ↗️

“Failure is a bend in the road, not the end of the road” – Roy T. Bennett Reminder for this week ahead: Life rarely goes in a straight line. Projects at work, relationships, finding balance at home, etc… They’re more like twisty, windy adventures. You gotta zig ↗️  and zag ↘️  accordingly. Happy Monday, happy Read more about Zigging and zagging ↘️ ↗️[…]

Fun happenings in the community…

Here are some celebrations and things some of y’all shared… – Ben H turned 38 this week! He’s celebrating “having good friends and a sunny spring weekend to camp on the Oregon coast”. Woohoo! 🥳 – Kathy from Oklohoma said: “7 years ago today, I signed my acceptance letter and paid my deposit for law Read more about Fun happenings in the community…[…]

And the haters gonna hate…

A “hater” is someone who discredits, devalues or downplays your accomplishments. Unfortunately, everyone experiences haters from time to time. It’s sad, and it hurts. But you can’t let haters get you down or stop you from doing what you do. When a hater attacks you can: a) Spend your time worrying about it, and guessing Read more about And the haters gonna hate…[…]

Another awesome day to ______________

“While you were waking up this morning, someone else out there was breathing their last breath.” Sorry for the morbid-ish quote so early in the morning… Actually this message isn’t about death… It’s about LIFE!! And how each day you wake up breathing is a blessing. And how we should take advantage of another opportunity Read more about Another awesome day to ______________[…]


365 participation awards 🏅

per·sist·ence noun firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. “You can depend on Janice to always get the job completed because she has patience and persistence” ***** In yesterday’s email I wrote “persistence is your advantage”. It’s one of my favorite reminders that an average skilled person Read more about 365 participation awards 🏅[…]

A great way to start Monday

What are 3 awesome things that happened this past weekend? 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ And what are 3 awesome things that are happening this week? 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ Lastly, what are 3 reasons WHY these awesome things are happening in your life? 1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ Counting your Read more about A great way to start Monday[…]

Peptalk Hotline Number

Motivational Hotline —> Call (707) 998-8410

Feeling lethargic? Need a pep talk? Call this motivational hotline… Some students over at West Side Elementary School in Healdsburg, California started a project called PepToc. It’s a bunch of pre-recorded motivational messages to help encourage you, pull you out of a slump, or give little bits of life advice. Try it!! Just call (707) Read more about Motivational Hotline —> Call (707) 998-8410[…]

Stresslaxing | A Few Things That Might Help

I heard a new word floating around recently… Stresslaxing. It means: “when relaxing activities make you even more stressed, because you’re not out working on whatever is making you stressed in the first place” Have you ever felt this? Like sometimes stressful work or problems in life start to invade your personal time and you Read more about Stresslaxing | A Few Things That Might Help[…]

Time-out isn’t even that bad…

Working with toddlers the past few weeks, I’ve come to know the power of the words “time-out”… When they’re misbehaving, we say, “Do you want to go to time-out?” or “Do it now or we’re going to time-out. 3… 2… 1” The funny is, we’ve never actually put kids in time-out. I don’t even know Read more about Time-out isn’t even that bad…[…]

Your Monday affirmations… 💪

Happy Monday, peeps! What an awesome day to be alive 🙂 Fill in the blanks for your personal Monday affirmations… 👇👇👇 Today I’m feeling ____(positive feeling)___! My superpower is ___(skill)___, and I’m going to use it today to kick ass doing ____(hard task you’re trying to avoid)___. I won’t stress over ___(thing you can’t control)___ Read more about Your Monday affirmations… 💪[…]

Everything you do (and don’t do) matters 🦋

In 1963 a scientist named Edward Lorenz proposed a hypothesis. It was that… A butterfly could flap it’s wings and set molecules in motion, which could move other air molecules, which move even more molecules, and the ripple could grow and grow to eventually form a huge hurricane on the other side of the planet. Read more about Everything you do (and don’t do) matters 🦋[…]

Wow them twice. ✌🏼

Most people think it’s best to underpromise ⬇️ and overdeliver ⬆️ And while yes I agree thats a good practice ​(it’s definitely better than promising too much and not delivering), I recommended you try this out once in a while… Overpromise ⬆️ AND overdeliver ⬆️ This way you “Wow them twice!” (and you might even Read more about Wow them twice. ✌🏼[…]

Looking for problems (to solve)

One day, a friend of a friend went on Amazon and searched for “pet supplies”. He sorted all the listings by popularity to find the absolute best selling products. Then he clicked into these top products, and went down to the customer reviews section. But, he wasn’t searching for good reviews, he was only interested Read more about Looking for problems (to solve)[…]

Look for the –> bare necessities 🐜🐛

“Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife. I mean the bare necessities That’s why a bear can rest at ease With just the bare necessities of life” – Baloo, Jungle Book Hey y’all, it’s the weekend! And I’m thinking we should give away all our worldly Read more about Look for the –> bare necessities 🐜🐛[…]

Your friend: Brevity

brev·i·ty (noun) concise and exact use of words in writing or speech. “She edits her emails with great brevity” ***** Happy Thursday, peeps! Brevity means getting straight to the point. It’s using 1 word instead of 2. It’s crafting short emails, speaking in clear, direct sentences, and removing any possibility of misunderstanding. Brevity is the Read more about Your friend: Brevity[…]

Using weighted matrix

Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)

Have you ever heard of or used a weighted decision matrix? It’s a pretty kick ass tool that helps you evaluate tough and complex choices in life. (or in business) Given that many of y’all readers are making big changes this year — switching jobs, buying homes, moving cities, etc — I thought maybe this Read more about Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)[…]

Your Mind is a Suggestion Engine 🧐

“Consider every thought you have as a suggestion, not an order.” — James Clear Right now my mind is suggesting that I feel tired. It’s suggesting that I’m up too early. It’s suggesting that I should go back to bed and maybe this 5am thing isn’t fun anymore. Maybe I should give up… But when Read more about Your Mind is a Suggestion Engine 🧐[…]

Bring the “weekend you” to work today…

Here’s a little secret to having a good Monday… You see, most people think they have to change who they are at work. Monday feels like when the “weekend you” needs to morph back into the rigid “weekday you”. But the secret to having a good Monday —> is to never stop being the weekend Read more about Bring the “weekend you” to work today…[…]

List of active and passive leisure activities

Active Leisure vs. Passive Leisure

Active leisure: Often recreational and social in nature, it involves using physical or mental energy. (Like exercise, hobbies, or doing something with friends) Passive leisure: Activities that involve using little or no physical or mental activity. Like zoning out watching tv, scrolling social media or drinking beer while sunbathing. Everybody spends their downtime differently… And Read more about Active Leisure vs. Passive Leisure[…]

stars don't shine they burn

Stars don’t shine. They burn.

This was my favorite line from the movie Encanto… Stars don’t shine. They burn. When I first heard it I was like, “aaah, what the heck does that mean?” Then I started thinking… Most people look at stars and see perfect, beautiful, unreachable diamonds that twinkle in the sky. But in reality, stars are raging Read more about Stars don’t shine. They burn.[…]