pet·ri·chor ☔️

Morning peeps, happy saturday!

Learned a new word this week… “Petrichor”. It means: a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

We’ve had a brutal heat wave the past couple weeks in California, but last night it bucketed rain all night and this morning smells like a whole new world! Woohoo, petrichor!!

Anyway, not sure if you’re enduring crap weather where you are in the world. But, it will pass soon. It always does.

And same with bad weather spells in your personal life. They will pass too. They always do. Just hang in there, you’ll wake up to a beautiful new world very soon with fresh smells and an optimistic perspective.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
– Joel

Pic: Sunrise at Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast, QLD Australia — From my sister on vacation down there 😎

Ps. You may have noticed I’ve been skipping a few morning emails recently… The truth is I’m having a hard time waking up at 5 every day with our new family new dynamics and ever changing routines. Anyway, just wanted to tell you a) sorry I haven’t been consistent and b) I’m going to keep trying my hardest because that’s where the good stuff is — on the other side of trying hard.

Pps. thanks for reading and I love you.