Chain of Wealth Podcast!

5am podcast chain of wealth microphone


Big news!! This week I had the incredible pleasure of being a guest on the Chain of Wealth podcast! The awesome podcast hosts, Denis and Katie, have recorded over 100 episodes talking with members of the personal finance and FIRE community.

Have a listen to the episode by clicking below, or download it on iTunes or Stitcher


Chain of Wealth | 5AM Joel | Episode 106



Here’s What We Talk About:


  • What is a mini-retirement?
  • Is Early Retirement possible for most people?
  • Technically not F.I. yet, why take my foot off the gas?
  • How I started saving and investing at a young age
  • Why I wake up at 5am and the benefits of continuing
  • Why my ‘actual’ retirement plan is still evolving
  • Generic advice for people just starting out
  • Recommended books & other podcasts
  • A favorite quote, and parting advice… JUST DO IT!


A big THANK YOU to Denis and Katie for having me on the show. And THANK YOU to the Waffles on Wednesday for recommending me.