A rare and beautiful cactus 🌵

Got this cool note from my friend, Mr. Accidentally Retired


“Every year around April 1st, almost to the day, the cacti around us start blooming.

The most amazing of all is the Argentinian Cactus, which blooms the big, beautiful, white flowers. (pic below!)

The Argentinian in particular is interesting, because it starts blooming at night and the flowers last for only 24 hours before dying.

So you have to pay attention and keep an eye out, or you will miss the entire event.

This particular cactus had 28 blooms the other day. 28!!

My wife stopped by to take photos, while our neighbors walked by clueless, completely missing this once-in-a-year event.

Nature sure is amazing, but what is more amazing is that so many people miss what is right in front of them.”

Argentinian Cactus Flowers

I must admit, I walk past cactuses all the time and rarely take notice. But those days are now gone — I’m on the hunt to see these sneaky magical flowers!

Happy Tuesday!
– Joel

PS… What is your favorite nature fact that most people don’t know? — Since Earth Day is coming up this Friday, maybe we can all share these facts with eachother so we don’t “walk by clueless” when nature is trying to show us something beautiful. Hit reply –> tell me your earth secrets!