Charles Shultz Philosophy

Try this…

  • Can you name the last 3 people who won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize?
  • What about the 3 fastest marathon runners in the world? Do you know their names?
  • How about the last 3 winners of the Miss America Pageant?

(me neither 🤷‍♂️)

OK, now try this….

  • Name 3 school teachers who taught you invaluable life lessons.
  • List 5 friends who helped you through extremely rough times in life.
  • Name 3 bosses or co-workers who have made you feel appreciated and special at work.

Much easier, right?


The point is: the people that make a difference in your life aren’t world class achievers that are the best in their field. It’s the regular people that spend time with you and care about you. It’s the ones that make you feel loved and boost your self worth.

Same goes with you making a difference in other people’s life… You don’t need to win awards or be world famous. You just need to show up for people, care, and make them feel good.

Happy hump day! Make it a good one!!
– Joel

ps. this email was based off of Charles Shultz Philosophy (the creator of Peanuts comic)

From my friend Grateful Kae in Wisconsin! 🤩