Compose yourself 🧘‍♀️



the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself.
“she retained composure through thick and thin”


Good morning, all! Here are a few mid-week reminders:

  • You are in control of your feelings, and your response to situations around you. 🧘
  • You are a positive thinker! And positivity (+ kindness) always wins in the end. 🤟
  • If you are holding any hot potatoes, drop them asap. 🥔
  • Deep breath in through the nose, hold for 2 seconds, slowly release through the mouth. 😮‍💨 Everything is going to be OK.
  • You’re capable of more than you think. You got this 💪

Happy Thursday!!!
– Joel

“Sunset at low tide in Atlantic Canada” – Cheers to Cynthia for the pic!! 🙏

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