A happy Friday checklist… 📝

It’s Friday! Woohoo 🥳

Here are your missions today, should you choose to accept them…

✅ Laugh at least 10 times today

✅ Celebrate a milestone or small win that happened this past week

✅ Celebrate *someone else’s* small win from this past week

✅ Dish out 5 compliments to other people today. (While you’re at it, look in the mirror and give your awesome self a couple compliments, too)

✅ Eat a healthy meal

✅ Put in some *extra* effort somewhere at work today.

✅ Take a random photo –> text it to an old friend and tell them you’re thinking about them

✅ Play with your kids/pets/friends for 1-2 hours *without looking at your phone*

What do you reckon? Think you can do all these things?

Make it an awesome day,
– Joel

From Rebecca… “Have to share what my husband and I found while hiking on our anniversary near Jasper, Arkansas. We collect heart rocks that we find on our hikes. This ❤ we found we had to leave behind.”

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