Ditching negative thoughts (and keeping good ones!)

Did you know… You can get rid of your negative thoughts by writing them down onto a piece of paper, then ripping that paper up and throwing it in the trash?

It’s true.

A bunch of studies prove that turning our thoughts into material objects —> increases or decreases our mental impact depending on what we physically do with them.

It works the same with positive thoughts… Writing them down on a piece of paper, and putting that paper in your pocket or saving in a personal drawer will strengthen the positive feelings. (you probs already know this — writing down 2-3 happy thoughts each day in a journal will absolutely change your life)

Anyway, try this today… When you get:

Negative thoughts –> trash ’em 🗑
Positive thoughts –> Keep ’em 🔐

Happy Thursday!!!
– Joel

We don’t get rainbows in LA very often due to it never raining here. This one popped up yesterday morning like a miracle. 🥰