A few fun stories from this past week!

Got some fun email replies this week and wanted to share the joy…

Have a great weekend! Love, Joel.


From Rebecca: “I get to give someone a 15% raise today, to someone who was my friend before they worked with me and who I know needs this raise. I’m looking forward to it extremely! I love my job, and I love it most on days like today.

From Bo: “Mr Joel, If you love your job like I do it’s never boring. Or a bad day. Even if its 113* degrees. Big Red gum and a red face go hand in hand. Lifes to short not too laugh!”

From Kathryn: “I live just outside of a tiny little town of 501 people. There’s the kindest, nicest young boy who has, on occasion, set up a “lemonade” stand in his front yard. Yesterday, I had to do two U-turns (because I didn’t see him in time) so I could buy two glasses of orange Kool-Aid (had to get some for my hubby too, of course). I always overpay him by a lot, and he has the amazing maturity to handle it with grace and thankfulness. He gives us encouragement that there is still good in this world.

(My brother was the one who taught me that you should ALWAYS stop at every “lemonade” stand you see and buy lots of cookies and a few glasses of lemonade, and pay as much as you possibly can. He’s a kid at heart, so seeing him in action years ago at a lemonade stand was heartwarming! The kids were SO excited!)”

From Terri: “I ordered a pizza awhile ago. Gave the guy a $100 bill. Told him to keep the change. He kept saying are you sure? Are you sure ? He literally didn’t want to take it. I had to start closing the door before he got that I was serious.

All he could do was move his lips to say THANK YOU. But didn’t speak out loud. I’ll never forget that.”


This pic is from The Blue Mountains, in Ontario, Canada. A reader is traveling through Toronto and Niagra Falls!


PS. If you live in Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas or Phoenix, here’s an opportunity to make a quick $150…

Last week I participated in a user study group for a tech company. It took 1 hour, and all I did was try on various pairs of glasses and test some iphone apps. Kind of fun, actually.

When I was done, they gave me $150 virtual visa, which I just transferred to Amazon dollars.

Anyway, they are still running user testing for the next few weeks and looking for participants. Here are the links to the areas if you’re interested in participating…

Los Angeles
Application form – https://apply.techresearchstudies.com/3001

Las Vegas
Application form – https://apply.techresearchstudies.com/3002

Application form – https://apply.techresearchstudies.com/3003

Application form – https://apply.techresearchstudies.com/3004

Don’t worry – this is totally legit – I wouldn’t pass on anything that I didn’t try myself! Oh, and if you have a sibling (within 5 years of age, same gender) you both get $200 instead of 150. I think the app they are testing has something to do with facial recognition.

Anyway, have a great weekend!