Grab a $20 Giving Card –> Do some good.

Hey dudes! Great news!!! 🥳

Remember last year my employer gave away a bunch of “Giving Cards” — where they send you a $20 prepaid Visa card for you to spend it doing some good in your community??

Well…. The creators of that giving card platform (extremely generous people btw) reached out to me for another giving opportunity! Giving Cards is launching a wicked new micro-giving website and picked YOU GUYS as the group to send the first batch of cards to!

Do you want a $20 giving card to use in your community? Here’s how it works…

👉 Head over to this website:

👉 Click “grab one now” and fill out the request form.

👉 In the form, describe how you will use the $20 card to do good in your community. Get creative! (Here are some examples of past giving stories)

👉 If you are selected in the first batch of cards, they’ll notify you and post you one! (part of the deal is you snap some pics and share your story when you do the giving!)

👉 If you are *not* selected (they might not have enough cards for all entires), then your request info will stay in the pool for future rounds when more cards become available! If you don’t want this, you can always opt out, too.

Giving is contagious. And micro-giving is just as powerful as massive giving — it’s all about lifting other people. Thank you for being a part of this fun project and sharing goodness with the world.

Love, Joel

My favorite giving story from last time… (click the pic for the story). Way to go, Murph!

PS… If anyone out there works for a company that has internal giving initiatives or team building games and stuff, you might want to speak with the Giving Card team about sponsoring a batch of cards for your employees. Hit them up on the site, or i’m happy to make an intro. 👍