I am an idiot #10 🏄‍♂️

Last week out surfing I noticed a photographer standing on the beach.

He had a professional camera with a huge lens and was taking pictures of all the surfers!

I thought to myself, “maybe now is my chance to become a famous surfer… If I surf really good and he takes some killer photos, maybe I’ll make it into a magazine or something!?”

So I surfed as best I could and performed in front of the camera.

Afterwards, I paddled in and struck up a conversation with the camera man. I was excited to hear where my amazing surf photos would show up!…

Well, it turns out he was just an amateur photographer, who was capturing “spectacular wipe-outs”. His hobby is to come to the beach and watch “beginner surfers falling off their boards”.

Here’s the photo he took of me:

Maybe I can still be famous… Is there an “Idiot of the Month” magazine out there?

Have a great weekend, y’all. Stay humble.
– Joel 🏄‍♂️


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