Looking for problems (to solve)

One day, a friend of a friend went on Amazon and searched for “pet supplies”.

He sorted all the listings by popularity to find the absolute best selling products.

Then he clicked into these top products, and went down to the customer reviews section. But, he wasn’t searching for good reviews, he was only interested in reading the bad reviews.

After sorting through tens of thousands of comments and only reading the bad ones, he started noticing trends… Things people were complaining about. Small problems in functionality, tiny design flaws or little things users didn’t like.

Then, he launched his own pet supply company, making products that specifically solved these problems. His business grew wildly successful –> because he knew exactly how to help people.


Today, my friend’s friend is a multi millionaire. It’s not because of luck or happenstance… It’s because he knows that:

  • problems = opportunity
  • complaining = a call for help
  • criticism = ideas to do better

TODAY: Listen to the little things people complain about. Solving other people’s issues is an extremely valuable (and rare) talent.

Happy Tuesday!!
– Joel

From Kathryn in Minnesota: “My husband finally took down the bird feeder (it’s so windy on our hill) and lately just throws bird seed on the ground. Yesterday we had this cute little fellow join us for breakfast! It’s been close to zero degrees most days with below zero wind chill, so the deer are desperate for any food they can find!”

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