Maybe I’m the dumb one?

I’ve got a dumb meeting today with a dumb person about a dumb thing. Grrr… 😩

Actually, the person i’m meeting with isn’t really dumb…. They’re actually quite nice, I’m just grumpy because it’s not convenient for me today.

And actually, now that I think about it, the meeting isn’t dumb either… It has to happen at some point, so it may as well be now vs. later…

And now that I think about it even further, the thing we are meeting about isn’t really dumb at all… In fact I might even learn a thing or two.


I guess I have a necessary meeting today, with a nice person, in which I’ll probably benefit from.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m the dumb one? 🤷‍♂️ (yep)

Happy hump day. Stay positive!
– Joel

Sent in from Gavin — “Sweet photo for ya! Camping ⛺️ in Big Pine Lakes Ca”