Proof that more money doesn’t equal more daily happiness

I got some kind of big news last week…

We had one of our rental properties appraised, and it’s risen in value by a whopping $46,000 since this time last year!

Holy moly!!! I’m $46k richer!!

Now, let me explain all the ways this will affect my daily life and happiness…

Do you know how many new luxuries I will buy with this $46k? —> NONE.

Do you know how many friends care that I’m worth $46k more? —> NONE.

Does my family love me more now that I have more money? —> NOPE!

Will my boss lighten my workload and my job be less stressful now? —> NOPE!

Will this change the amount of frustrating traffic when I drive on the roads? —> NOPE!

When I look in the mirror, how much more handsome do I appear to myself now? —> ZERO.

How much will my fitness and health automatically improve now that I have more money? —> NONE!

Hmmmmm… 🤔 I guess this money boost doesn’t really affect my daily lifestyle and happiness at all.


A quick reminder for those that need to hear it: Your ongoing day-to-day happiness isn’t tied to money windfalls, pay raises, or external circumstances. It’s more about your mindset, and the small daily actions you take to appreciate and enjoy life.

I’m not saying don’t build wealth!… I’m just advising you to build your happiness separately and simultaneously.

Have a great day, y’all! I’m off to pretend swim in a bath tub full of one dollar bills! (actually that’s kind of gross).

– Joel

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