National “Do Something Nice” Day 😇

Woohoo! It’s National Do Something Nice Day!

Here are 3 things you can do that takes less than 5 minutes, and will absolutely make someone’s day…

  1. Think of the last small business you bought from or ate at —-> and leave them a nice Yelp review. Positive feedback means the world to small bus owners.
  2. Think of a chore your spouse or partner really hates doing —-> and do it for them without asking. 🥰
  3. Write a friend, colleague or family member a happy note/email/text. Start it like this “I like you because ____________” and list 3 reasons why you like them. Writing it down means they can keep it forever.

Happy Tuesday!

Get off to a good start 💪
– Joel

Unexpected flowers we received from my brother and his fiancé last week. The note just said “you guys rock!” 🤘