Reminder: Be yourself today

Have you ever met someone at a party and after 20 minutes of chatting to them you still have no clue who they are and what they really do? Surface-level people can be irritating — even if they seem kind of interesting, you can never quite trust them because something feels hidden.

What about the opposite… Ever met someone and within 5 minutes they’ve been so real you feel like you’ve known them for years? Even if they’re a little crass, abrasive or not the person you typically hang out with, it’s a relief when people show their true personality right away. It’s less guess work on your end.

This is one of the reasons you should be yourself more.

Authenticity wins. In the short term, and in the long run.

Happy hump day 😉
– Joel

This split-flap display was hanging in a museum I went to a few weeks ago. It rotated famous quotes every 20 seconds or so — i need one for my house!