Should Everyone Be Getting Up at 5 AM?

So, you might be wondering if I think YOU should be getting up at 5AM…?

Well before I give my opinion, let’s remember:


“Opinions are like butt-holes. Everybody has one, and none of them smell very good.”


People FOR Getting Up at 5AM:

There’s a ton of 5AM-er gurus out there like Robin Sharma and “Yo Pal” Hal who preach that everyone should do it. A million articles, blogs, 5AM clubs, and a crap load of books about how “5am – 8am are the most productive hours of the day”.  Reading all this can be inspiring, but overwhelming too!

People AGAINST Getting Up at 5AM:

On the contrary, check out articles like this one here and here that crap on the 5AM lifestyle. Everything they say is kind of true, too.

People Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind:

These two “” articles both promote and discourage getting up at 5AM. Seriously, this is the reason I don’t read any news. They just write about whatever is trending:

should and shouldnt getting up at 5am

So Should You or Shouldn’t You?

I get all sorts of feedback when people learn about my 5 AM wake up mission. Most people are surprised at first, then shortly afterwards they always feel like throwing in their 2 cents on my morning life. Good or bad, I don’t ever mind hearing feedback. The opinions of strangers and people that I barely know carry little weight with me.

More often than not, people are very supportive. Some people get very interested, start asking a bunch of detailed questions, and maybe they even want to try making a morning change themselves.

But for some reason there are always those people out there that get angry or feel offended that I get up early. Some are even outraged. I still don’t quite understand why, but I can only guess that they think I’m trying to make them get up early too.

I’m not. Not at all.

So, for the record, here is my opinion for you:

“You should get up at whatever time you want to get up in the morning. It’s your life. You do you.”

That Being Said, I Believe:

1). Don’t knock it before you try it.

Getting up at 5am Get out of your comfort zone

It’s important to at least try new things once and a while. If you don’t want to, that’s cool, but don’t get angry or judge people that try different things. Getting out of your comfort zone is important to some people. It’s certainly important to me.

2). Generally, people giving advice just want you to be the best version of you that you can be.

When people share stories of success, it’s usually 10% boasting and 90% wishing you can experience the same success. Generally, people who give advice have your best interest in mind. If you trust them, try it. If you’re curious, try it.  

And if you experience the same success, SHARE IT!

3). You don’t have to do anything the Internet tells you to do.

Internet, books, etc are just sources of information.You can study and make your own decisions. You can use the information, or not use it. Don’t feel bad if you don’t follow someone’s advice.

Ultimately, and evidently, getting up at 5AM works for some people, and for others it doesn’t. We study ultra successful people throughout history to try and figure out what habits they all have in common. While getting up at 5AM is a common theme, there are still a lot of successful people that don’t

So there you have it.


Thoughts, comments, feedback? This wouldn’t be a blog without a healthy debate.


*Cow pic by Anton Darius. Why have a cow pic up as the feature photo? I have no idea, I was just searching for images and liked the looks of this cow 🙂

6 thoughts on “Should Everyone Be Getting Up at 5 AM?

  • Alright, I’m on day 5 of waking up a wee bit earlier than I usually do and here’s how its going. Alarm goes off: I curse and roll myself out of bed. During the 45 minutes-1 hour of “me time”: I am rocking it and getting shit done. Between 12pm-2pm: I am trying to keep my eyes open. I eventually get my second wind, but by 8pm I am toast. I am loving and hating it all at the same time right now.

    • Nice. Keep it up. I still hate it every single day. It sucks. But I secretly love it too. The days around 12noon will get easier, and you can always nap for a bit. Trick is to only nap for under an hour.

    • It’s definitely tough to keep it consistent! One of the reasons I’m writing all this crap publicly is to hold myself accountable. I’m also not a morning person… every day is a struggle still. An awesome struggle 🙂

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