The “no plan” plan

Yesterday I received a letter from a friend…

It was written on an airplane sick bag (unused, thankfully!)

It reads…

“I am in seat 10B on Avelo Airlines headed to LA and I recalled a moment from when we first hung out in 2018… You asked me what I was promoting at FinCon (ei, website, blog). I told you I was not promoting anything. As I read it you gave me a bit of a quizzed look.

Almost 4 years later in Mexico, you asked me what I had planned after summer 2021. I said “nothing”. And you just smiled and ordered a beer.”


The friend who wrote this is a really interesting guy. He knows I overthink life sometimes, and always has good advice to share.

One of the best things he’s taught me is:

It’s OK to not have any plans, not know your next step, or not know exactly what the f you are doing in life. In fact, there’s beauty in just letting life happen sometimes and exploring options as you go.

Just because you’re wandering, it doesn’t mean you are lost.

Happy Tuesday! Good luck with your plans, or no plans, whatever they are.
Love, Joel

**Fun fact… When I first met this friend in 2018 at FinCon, I wrote this blog post the following morning. Then when we met again in Mexico again I wrote this blog post. He continues to impress!**