We are all made of stardust

I stayed up way too late last night…

Everything started out fine — I was in bed at 9pm and tired and stuff. But then I accidentally stumbled across a news article on my phone about how humans are all made of stardust. Then that led to an interesting Ted Talk video. Then another one on astrophysics, then some more fun articles about humans and stars, etc.

Anyway, I woke up with this quote in my notes:

“There is stardust in your veins. We are literally, ultimately children of the stars” – Jocelyn Bell Burnell

And what a cool quote to start the day with!!!

Wishing you a magical day ahead, you stardusty miracle. 💫
– Joel

Pic from Kylee… “Feeling energized for today after a great Sunday out in the mountains with our dogs yesterday 😎 even found some wild raspberries to snack on along the way!”