Weekend celebrations 🙌

3 cool things this week…

  • Southwest Airlines mailed me some free drink vouchers! Woohoo! I knew these existed but never got any before. 🥳
  • Battery recycling last week, I posted a bunch of old mostly broken iphones to Apple to recycle, and they sent me back a $40 Apple credit! Yay! 🙌
  • My kitchen faucet has an issue right now that’s slightly above my pay grade. But my handy friend has done a repair like this before, and he offered to pick up a new faucet system while he’s at Costco today, and bring it around and help install it tomorrow. He probably saved me 4-500 bucks hiring a plumber! 🎉

So that’s what I’m celebrating this weekend… Free stuff, corporate requite, and good friends.

What are you celebrating?
– Joel 😎