A note on NY resolutions…

Got this note from a reader named Cindy πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ “Years ago, I got smart enough to start picking just one NY’s resolution like this to work on implementing over the year. A couple of the first of these new resolutions were replacing β€œhave to” with β€œget to” and β€œshould” with β€œwill” (oh, the years I Read more about A note on NY resolutions…[…]

Life has good days and bad days

About three years ago, after surfing one day I got home and realized I accidentally left my surfboard leash in the beach parking lot. 😒 And every time I’ve returned to the beach since then I park there and think to myself, β€œthis is the parking lot where I lost my favorite surfboard leash”. Well…. Read more about Life has good days and bad days[…]

Fun happenings in the community…

Here are some celebrations and things some of y’all shared… – Ben H turned 38 this week! He’s celebrating “having good friends and a sunny spring weekend to camp on the Oregon coast”. Woohoo! πŸ₯³ – Kathy from Oklohoma said: “7 years ago today, I signed my acceptance letter and paid my deposit for law Read more about Fun happenings in the community…[…]

Friday celebrations πŸ₯³

Happy Friday, dudes! There’s so much to celebrate! Here are some good things going on in my world… We sold another rental property! This was a bumpy sale with many twists and turns, but it’s finally all over. Woohoo! 🏑 We received an unexpected $131 check in the mail from a class action settlement. (Funny Read more about Friday celebrations πŸ₯³[…]