100 days until Christmas! (This Friday)

Yep, this Friday marks 100 days until Dec 25th…

But the reason I’m letting you know a few days early is to give you time to prepare the best gift ever for someone you love.

All you need is a notebook 📓 and a pencil ✏️

1) Starting this Friday, write one tiny little love note on the first page of the notebook.

2) Then on Saturday, write another small note. Then another note the day after, and keep doing this every day.

3) By the time Christmas morning comes, you’ll have written 100 little love notes. Now wrap the book in some paper and give it to your person. 😍 They will be blown away, I promise.

I’ve done this personally, leading up to Valentines Day as a gift for wifey. And a bunch of you readers have made versions of this for other special events. Here’s a few below…


👆 My buddy Ilya made this recently for his wife, starting 100 days before their 9th year anniversary.

And this one below was made by my pal Grateful Kae for last year’s valentines day. 👇

Now you might be thinking… “How do I come up with 100 different things to say?”

Well, there’s 20 ideas in here to get you started. But you’ll be surprised how creative your mind gets day after day if you push yourself.

(heck, I never thought I’d last 100 days writing these daily emails — and here I am on day 1,992!!! 🤯)

Soooo… Are you up for the challenge? It’s worth it I promise — do it for your partner.

Love, Joel

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