2 very exciting things…

Well hello there!

I’ve got 2 awesome things to share with you today…

1) Happy Anniversary to you and me! This 5am morning email list was born on March 31st, 2017, exactly 4 years ago. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. I love you all.

2) My friends Alan & Katie Donegan are running another FREE finance course! These guys became financially independent very early in life, and now spend their time teaching others how to kick ass with money.

I know, they look kind of crazy from their photo… But trust me, they are the funniest, nicest and most down to earth finance nerds I know. You will really enjoy learning from them.

The course is 10 x zoom calls over 10 weeks – starting April 26th. Each session covers a different area of finances and and they have some guest speakers including Kristy and Bryce from Millennial Revolution and JL Collins from Simple Path to Wealth!

More details and sign up HERE!

Have a happy and fun Tuesday!
– Joel

Fishing yesterday at One’ula Beach Park! Fish caught = 0. Beers drank = 6.