Build your own normal

Doing as others told me,
I was blind.

Coming when others called me,
I was lost.

Then I left everyone,
myself as well.

Then I found everyone,
myself as well.


I love this poem. But stepping away from the crowd to find yourself is a lot harder than it sounds!

Here are 3 small changes that help me take a step back and get new perspective on my life. These aren’t major disruptions, but they have great benefits…

  • Limit social media. (Try logging out of your apps for 1 full week)
  • Get up early. (Try getting up 1 hour earlier than you usually do. Try for 7 days straight)
  • Take a break from drinking. (Or whatever your daily habit is, cut it out for a week)

Disrupting your “normal” gives you the opportunity to build yourself a new normal. One that you get to create 🙂

Happy Sunday! Rest up 🙂

*Feature photo by Cedric Wilder

1 thought on “Build your own normal

  • Hi,

    I think that this will be beneficial for one’s well being. This will allow one to know own preferred perspective and live a lifestyle which truly aligns to his/her own values.


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