A few quick money wins 💰

A few cool money wins this week!…

– My insurance guy asked me to leave an online business review, in return for a $5 Starbucks gift card! I was going to leave a review anyway, but cheers to a free $5! Pumpkin spice, here we come! ☕️

– Remember those surf fins I found on the beach?… I just sold them yesterday for $35 to a guy on Craigslist! Now that they are released back into the wild, I wonder if the ocean will bring them back to me again one day? 🤔

– Yesterday I cashed in my spare change jar to help with the national coin shortage. Didn’t realize I was sitting on $33.79 in coins! Love finding money we’d nearly forgotten about! 💸

What’s going on in your world? Any big or small wins to share?

Happy Friday!


*Something weird at the bank… At first the teller said they would only accept coins if they were “pre-rolled” in those paper roll things. Isn’t that illegal? I thought banks HAVE to accept coins no matter how they come. Anyway, after cracking some jokes and making him laugh he changed his mind 🙂 

4 thoughts on “A few quick money wins 💰

  • I don’t have tons of loose change in the house but did have a small dish of coins. So when some kids came around selling candy bars door-to-door for their school fundraiser, I bought several and used up some of the coins. I don’t think I inconvenienced them since they just turn in all the money for the fundraiser. Coins back in circulation – Support the kids’ fundraiser – Candy for me. Triple win!

  • Nothing new about the banks requiring “rolled” coins. We have been doing that for over 30 years. Or, we take the coins to the supermarket where there’s a machine, throw it all in and out comes dollar bills (of course, there was a little fee).

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