A quick reminder: Be yourself

Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
that is Youer than You.

~ Dr. Seuss


Morning, y’all!

Just a quick reminder to BE YOURSELF today.

  • In your work meetings, share your fun ideas and don’t hold back your thoughts. If you have a dumb question, ask it!
  • Within the emails you write today, sprinkle a bit of your personality in there. You are not a robot.
  • Play to your strengths today (and share them with others). People can learn from your awesome ways 🙂

Happy Tuesday my friends. Make it a good one, being yourself. 💪
– Joel

“A recent Connecticut sunrise!” sent in by Eric B

**Ps. thanks for all those who shared pictures over the weekend. You’ll be seeing them in these morning emails over time! 🙏