Let your tiny little thoughts grow… 🌱

I don’t feel very creative this morning. Some days I wake up and have zero motivation.

But here’s the thing…

If I force myself to just think of 1 teeny tiny little positive thing, it kicks off a snowball of positivity that gets me out of my funk.

For example:  Right now I’m looking around and see a water bottle on my desk

—> I got the water bottle at a conference last week

—> I had a great time meeting people at the conference

—> Maybe I should text one of those people to say hello

—> Better yet, maybe I should text them a joke or compliment to make their day?

—> I’m feeling better now, thinking about how to make someone else’s day better.

—> I wonder what else I can make better?

Today: Let your tiny little thoughts grow. This is how a creative and positive day starts 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

I also got this at the conference… A love letter created and typed by a poet with a typewriter.