Awake is the new Asleep

Good morning happy people!

It’s time to get up and kick off this gorgeous Sunday!

Celebrate the fact you’re alive! 🥳 Enjoy every waking second. 😎 Make the most of everything you have in front of you. 🙏

“in the end
it’s not the years
in your life that count,
it’s the life in your years
– Abe Lincoln

Make it a good one,
– Joel

Erin Gruwell
Ever seen the movie Freedom Writers? (If you haven’t, go watch it – and bring a box of tissues cause you’ll be balling your eyes out!). Anyway, my wife met Erin Gruwell last week who the film is based off of. She’s a real life super hero. (Wife on left, Erin on right 😉)

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