Bad news and good news…

Hello and happy Friday!!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple days… got some bad news — I tested positive for covid on Wednesday so I’ve been sleeping in and resting a lot.

But the good news is: my symptoms are light, my fridge is full, I work from home, my neighbors/friends/family are all supportive, I have every movie and tv show ever made at the touch of my fingertips, I have zero stress, and I actually feel quite lucky.

The goods outweigh the bads!

Wishing you a lovely Friday and great weekend ahead. What are you getting up to? Send me some pics of the outside world! 🌻

Stay safe out there.
Love, Joel

**UPDATE: 1/20/2022: Still testing positive, but feeling fine now and symptoms are fully gone. (Wife has continued to test negative the whole time). We’re both fully vaxxed + booster 😎

White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico — Pic sent from my friend Kyla!

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