Beating the odds ⛈️

Out of the millions of blogs/newsletters out there, how did you end up on this particular email list? —> it’s a miracle.

Out of all the countries and cities in the world, why were you born in the one you were? —> it’s a miracle.

Out of the billions of people shuffling around this planet, how did you run into your sole mate? —> it’s a miracle.

Out of all the iPhones manufactured, how are you holding that specific serial number right now? —> it’s a miracle.

It’s weird to think about… But our inner and outer lives are the result of infinite random events happening a certain way to create our exact existence right now. If 1-2 things went differently, we could have a completely different life.

That’s why everything is a miracle.

You are beating the odds, every day, everywhere.

Something to keep in mind this weekend. Enjoy your beautiful existence!!

Love, Joel

“Yesterday after the tornados went through. Terror to beauty.” — Sent from Jason in Atlanta 😳