Broken? Or Beautiful?

I heard that in Japan, when they fix broken pottery and ceramic things, they mix a little gold into the glue during the repair process.

It’s called Kintsugi. You may have seen bowls or plates that look like this:

The reason they add gold is because they believe when something has suffered damage it becomes more beautiful. History is beautiful.

I don’t know whether this reasoning is true or not, but I love the story and metaphor!

As humans we break all the time! We grow older every day and our tough experiences ware us down.

But it doesn’t mean we stay damaged. We come back more stronger, beautiful, and more resilient!

Keep this in mind next time something 💩 happens in your life. Remember the beautiful gold filling bowl. You are beautiful.

​Have a great day guys!!
– Joel


*Update – I now am obsessed with this art and am trying it out myself 🙂