Casual Friday –> Dress up as yourself! 👕

Back when I was in sales, I noticed that most of my deals were made on Fridays.

It took me a while to figure out. Why do so many customers buy on Fridays? Why do my meetings on Fridays go so well?

Then one day it hit me. Fridays were different –> because on Fridays I wore casual clothing. Instead of dressing up like a monkey in a business suit, I dressed in a jeans a polo shirt. I dressed like ME.

The reason I sold more, was because I was being myself more. Dressing like the real me, talking like the real me, acting like the real me. People liked ME more than they liked the “business me” during the week.

As soon as I realized this, I stopped hiding my real self.

It turns out: People like authenticity. Your weird, quirky, unique characteristics… they actually like them!

Today: Dress up as yourself! Use your language, tell your stories, and show your personality.


Happy Friday my dudes!

From Gavin: “Exploring glacier national park! This was at the top of a glacier trail moments before a grizzly crossed our tracks!