I wrote 1/30th of a book!

I usually don’t use this email list for self-promotion… but today I’m making an exception! I’m just really excited because I contributed to a fun new money book that is being released later this month… Wooohoo 🥳 It’s called: Money Mastermind About 30 money experts came together to write a book (I contributed 1 chapter Read more about I wrote 1/30th of a book![…]

Ask Me Anything – Round 2

Woohoo! It’s Tuesday! Time to celebrate!! Why celebrate on Tuesday?…. Well, why not? Got some Q&A from yesterday to share… And thank you to the peeps who participated! Next month I’m gonna ask YOU all the questions and will publish YOUR answers 🙂 ***** How is Cooper? (Jason R) Thanks for asking! He has regained Read more about Ask Me Anything – Round 2[…]

Pay Yourself First Square Head

Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?

  When you hear “Pay Yourself First” what do you think of? It sounds like something a rich and greedy person would say… Let’s break it down:   Pay = something money related. Yourself First = something selfish. The complete opposite of what our parents taught us.   OK now let’s see what happens if Read more about Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?[…]

Personal QBR

It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review

  It’s July 1st and time for your QBR!   What’s a QBR?   The last company I worked for had a grueling ritual at the beginning of each new sales quarter. Each sales rep had to prepare a detailed powerpoint presentation and deliver it to a room full of peers, managers, and executives from Read more about It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review[…]

Tracking my savings rate as a young kid

It all started with Mum…   I think about my savings rate in a different way than most people. It’s because of my Mum.   When I was a young kid, my Mum paid me and my siblings to do chores around the house. Pretty standard chores like doing the family laundry, vacuuming/mopping, dishes, yard Read more about Tracking my savings rate as a young kid[…]