I wrote 1/30th of a book!

I usually don’t use this email list for self-promotion… but today I’m making an exception!

I’m just really excited because I contributed to a fun new money book that is being released later this month… Wooohoo 🥳

It’s called: Money Mastermind

About 30 money experts came together to write a book (I contributed 1 chapter to the book) and it covers topics like:

  • Deciphering Wall Street jargon
  • How to save on your taxes
  • Reducing stress through debt relief
  • Taking advantage of real estate
  • Investing in crypto without being scammed.
  • Saving for your kids
  • Planning for retirement
  • Side hustles, index investing, money habits, budgets, emergency funds, and sooooo much more!

(My chapter is about combining finances with your partner in life, based on my wife and I’s experience!)

Anyway, if you are interested in any of this money stuff, I invite you to check out the book!!

Here is the link: Money Mastermind

And if you want to buy it, please use the code presale20off. This gives you a 20% discount!

And if you don’t like it… there’s a 100% money back guarantee (AND I will personally call you to apologize if you don’t find it valuable 😉 haha!)

Cheers! Let’s grow rich together.
Love, Joel

Ps. This is an e-book! Not a physical copy. It’s for your phone, iPad, computer, or whatever mobile device the cool kids are using these days.