Chasing after two foxes

A student said to his martial arts teacher…

“I want to study karate and become a black belt. But I will also dedicate myself to Judo so I am familiar with many fighting styles. That is the only way I will be the best.”

The teacher responded…

“If a man goes into a field and starts running after two foxes at the same time, there will come a moment when the foxes will go their separate ways, and the man will be left not knowing which one to pursue. While he is pondering the problem, the foxes will be far away and he will have wasted both his time and his energy.”**


Good morning, y’all!

Question for you how many foxes are you trying to chase right now in life?

Just something to ponder as we start the second half of 2022 and you’re re-evaluating your mission(s) for the year.

Might it be easier focusing on just one thing at a time?

Have a great week,
– Joel

From my brother’s neighbor who is a hang glider… “I just flew 94 miles in the owens valley this weekend. Flew up above mt whitney peak and buzzed the hikers on top on the way north. Incredible experience”


**I’m not sure who to credit this original fox story to. I’ve read it a couple places (one here) but no clue who wrote it first. 仄儭*