What’s the second right answer?

Here’s a cool little trick to help you think outside the box more… When problem solving, ask yourself: “What’s the second right answer?” This removes the idea that there is 1 perfect solution to every problem, and gets you thinking more creatively. (If you remove sun, you can see the evening stars) Today: Challenge your Read more about What’s the second right answer?[…]

Don’t think. Just do.

You’ve got 100 important decisions to make today… But, if you “second guess” yourself with each decision, it’s actually like making 200 decisions, because each one takes twice as much brain power. And if you’re the type of person who “second guesses their second guess” (me, sometimes! 🙋‍♂️) then you’re really making 300 decisions and Read more about Don’t think. Just do.[…]

Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough

This came in from Paul in San Diego… 👇👇👇 “I struggle with composing responses to work emails. I want to make sure that when I respond to someone, I have all the information that may pertain to their request, neatly formatted the way I believe they want, along with other ‘helpful info’ too. But what Read more about Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough[…]


365 participation awards 🏅

per·sist·ence noun firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. “You can depend on Janice to always get the job completed because she has patience and persistence” ***** In yesterday’s email I wrote “persistence is your advantage”. It’s one of my favorite reminders that an average skilled person Read more about 365 participation awards 🏅[…]

Your friend: Brevity

brev·i·ty (noun) concise and exact use of words in writing or speech. “She edits her emails with great brevity” ***** Happy Thursday, peeps! Brevity means getting straight to the point. It’s using 1 word instead of 2. It’s crafting short emails, speaking in clear, direct sentences, and removing any possibility of misunderstanding. Brevity is the Read more about Your friend: Brevity[…]

Using weighted matrix

Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)

Have you ever heard of or used a weighted decision matrix? It’s a pretty kick ass tool that helps you evaluate tough and complex choices in life. (or in business) Given that many of y’all readers are making big changes this year — switching jobs, buying homes, moving cities, etc — I thought maybe this Read more about Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)[…]