Chinese New Year 🏮 🏮 – Let’s celebrate!

🏮Happy Chinese New Year!!!🏮

Here are some fun facts for ya…

  • About 2 Billion people will be celebrating Chinese new year today! (actually they started last night and will continue for the next 15 days – that’s a long holiday!)
  • More fireworks will be set off today than any other day of the year! These fireworks and firecrackers scare away monsters and bad luck at night. 🐲🐉 And during the day time, firecrackers welcome good luck!
  • Most people will be hanging with family… Tradition says you should be locked inside with your family for at least 5 days straight. Whoa. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • 2 out of 3 people won’t shower today. Because showering might accidentally wash off good luck! 👃👃Also people won’t be sweeping, cleaning, or taking out the garbage for the next few days.
  • About 8 Billion little red envelopes 🧧🧧will be gifted this week with “lucky money” inside. This is how fortune is transferred from elders –> kids. Anybody out there feel like passing me some fortune? 😉
  • The color Red scares off monsters too, so it will be used in almost every decoration possible. Also many people will buy new clothes and wear a lot of red! 💃👠
  • Dumplings should be eaten for every single meal, every single day of the holiday. Well, they’re supposed to. But most people give up after the first meal cause there’s too much other delicious stuff to eat!
  • Fun fact, the “dumpling eating champion of the world” is an American dude, Joey Chestnut, who holds the record for eating 384 in 10 minutes! 😳
  • Lastly, here’s some Chinese drinking games people will be playing. I might test some of them out too this weekend 🙂

Happy Friday and have a great day celebrating!


PS. I will be traveling this weekend and shutting the laptop off! So no morning emails for the next few days – catch you again on Tuesday! Happy Valentines day weekend 💝.


*Feature pic by Hiep Dai

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