Conversational generosity

My Uncle once took me to a community center.

He walked up to the clerk behind the counter and said, “Hi there, my nephew and I would like to… OMG!!!!… Are those your dogs in that photo right there!?!? What absolute cuties!! What are their names???”

The person behind the counter lit up with joy! And then they proceeded to talk about their dogs for 10 minutes. (My uncle had 2 dogs also so they had a lot to chat about).

Then, as the conversation winded down the clerk gave me and my uncle 2 FREE passes to the pool for the summer.

Conversational generosity:

  • Ask good (and personal) questions
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Show sincere interest in *the other person’s* stuff
  • Be genuine and authentic
  • Exit the conversation leaving the other person feeling happier than when it started.

Something to think about this weekend. Conversational generosity… It might not get you free pool passes, but it’ll elevate your connections and relationships, old and new.

Happy Friday!!
– Joel

“Yosemite!!” – from Alex T. 🤩