Water in the morning = happy day ahead!

Did you know… that drinking water makes your day seem less daunting? 💧 Studies show that dehydration leads people to view tasks as more difficult vs those who are fully hydrated. This then ripples into the patients happiness and overall wellbeing. So there you have it! Drink more water each morning, and all your problems Read more about Water in the morning = happy day ahead![…]

The moment I wake up. (Before I put on my makeup)

Attitude is everything. It’s more important than how you look, what you wear, or the size of your to-do list today. You can conquer anything with the right attitude. Sooooo…. This morning as you’re standing in front of the mirror prettying yourself up for the day, spend a few mins beautifying your headspace and straightening Read more about The moment I wake up. (Before I put on my makeup)[…]

An apple a day 🍎

Did you know… eating more fruits and vegetables will actually make you happier? 🍌🥦🥕 It’s true! (well, maybe)… A recent study conducted with over 12,000 Australian adults found that consuming more fruits and vegetables boosted their happiness, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. Woohoo! But… since the study was conducted in Australia, and Australians are mostly Read more about An apple a day 🍎[…]

Everything you do (and don’t do) matters 🦋

In 1963 a scientist named Edward Lorenz proposed a hypothesis. It was that… A butterfly could flap it’s wings and set molecules in motion, which could move other air molecules, which move even more molecules, and the ripple could grow and grow to eventually form a huge hurricane on the other side of the planet. Read more about Everything you do (and don’t do) matters 🦋[…]

Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)

Good morning! Here are the questions I got about writing and blogging, along with answers. For anyone out there that still has questions or wants to dig a lil deeper into something, I’m always open to chat and help wherever I can. Hit me up! ****** From Drew M:   I’d love to know if you Read more about Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)[…]

How to increase your value 💪

Ben Franklin once said… ”Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Following this logic, I have 2 missions for you today… Make a teeny tiny step towards removing one of your bad habits. Make a teeny tiny improvement in solidifying Read more about How to increase your value 💪[…]

Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence

I have some concerns. Things that many people worry about… But, I recognize that these are uncontrollable things. And since I can’t control them, I need to focus on the things I can control. Here is what I can do (influence): This week: Control what you can control, influence what you can influence. It’s ok Read more about Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence[…]

Why am I so tired lately?

Ever check out your sleep data analysis on your iPhone? It’s inside the Health app. Here’s a snap of mine…   Well, dang! No wonder I’ve been feeling so tired lately – my bedtime is all over the place! I’m averaging less than 7 hours of sleep the past month. I’ve been groggy, slow thinking, and less Read more about Why am I so tired lately?[…]

Great moves are usually greeted by yawns

  “Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns”   I love Warren Buffet. His advice and quotes aren’t just applicable to investing… Many of them can be used as good life advice. Here’s a quick reminder for today… The small and boring self-improvement activities you’re doing each Read more about Great moves are usually greeted by yawns[…]

4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed

Here’s a cool message I keep in my notebook and refer back to on days when I feel scattered… “To my sweet Joel… 💕  these are the four things I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed… 💕  I do the next right thing… 💕  I Finish what I start…💕  I Use what I have…💕  And I do what Read more about 4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed[…]

Surfer secret

Work on your inners.

“Your outer world… is a reflection of your inner world” You can’t control the things that happen around you. But you can shape your own reality and control how you view things. It starts with working on your inside world. The tiniest inner progress can dampen the chaos around you. Like… – Doing 10 pushups makes you feel fitter all day. You’re Read more about Work on your inners.[…]

be happy chalk

101 Random Things I’m Grateful For!

  Over the past few months I’ve been pulling out my phone and jotting down the little things that I’m grateful for in life. Random events throughout the day, surprising moments in nature, or when I’m reminded of how blessed I am! Below is my list of things I’m grateful for. There’s a 101 listed Read more about 101 Random Things I’m Grateful For![…]

Baby steps –> in the right direction

I’ve made a commitment to continually improve myself and never stop learning and growing as a person. But, sometimes this makes me feel really overwhelmed because there are so many things that I’m not good at. So much to do and so little time to do it all! Where do I begin? I keep reminding Read more about Baby steps –> in the right direction[…]

Dog park, things to do at 5am

101 Things to do at 5am!

Here’s a list of 101 things you can do when you wake up at 5am. I’ve tried to categorize them, so you can choose based on whatever mood you’re feeling that morning. Try some out, and let me know what you like or don’t like! Personally, I’ve tried almost all of these things over the Read more about 101 Things to do at 5am![…]

The compound effect flight example

A One Degree difference – The Compound Effect

Many people think that just one degree difference, or just one percent change is a small, barely noticeable thing. But the truth is there are huge ripple effects to changing course by just one degree. Here’s an example of a plane flight… One Degree Difference: Imagine an airplane leaving from Los Angeles flying direct to Read more about A One Degree difference – The Compound Effect[…]

Spending your minutes...

Spending your minutes…

Today, we all have 1,440 minutes. About 480 mins will be sleeping. That leaves less than 1,000 minutes to do all our other stuff. Today I’m going to spend my minutes: – Laughing and joking – Working smarter – Solving problems – Learning new things – Planning stuff – Complimenting people Today I’m *NOT* going Read more about Spending your minutes…[…]

Reasons to Always Work Harder

  Always do more than what you’re paid to do. Always go the extra mile. Here’s why: – You will get more opportunities (more specifically, you’ll be noticed by the people who hand out opportunities) – You will accumulate more skills – You will gain more negotiating power for flexible work terms – You will Read more about Reasons to Always Work Harder[…]

Hour glass 1% of the year

Action before 4pm today…

  Today is January 4th. And around 3.50pm today, exactly 1% of the year will have already passed. Man, time flies! So if you have any goals for 2020 that you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start! Consider doing just one tiny little action before 3.50pm today, or 1% of your goal. Getting started may be Read more about Action before 4pm today…[…]

kicking old habits

18 Days Healthier and $90 Wealthier!

“We become what we repeatedly do” I came across this quote recently and it reminded me to review my daily habits. I gotta keep the good ones and shed the ones that no longer serve me! As part of this, I have stopped drinking for the past couple weeks. It hasn’t been hard at all, Read more about 18 Days Healthier and $90 Wealthier![…]

5am challenge

Getting up at 5 AM: The First 30 Days

Getting up at 5 AM! The first 30 days of getting up at 5 AM is bittersweet. It’s awesome, but it can really suck at the same time. It’s not just mentally and physically exhausting, this seemingly minor life change bleeds into and affects almost every area of your life. Work performance changes, friends and Read more about Getting up at 5 AM: The First 30 Days[…]