Cool story from a reader…

Got a cool note recently from a reader named Rob… 👇👇👇

“I’ve been a subscriber for some time. Sometimes I read your emails daily, sometimes only every once in awhile. But I thought you’d like to hear an example of how your positivity has influenced me.

Last night I lost my wallet after a work-out. When I had to go somewhere this morning, I looked everywhere for it, especially my workout bag and car. I had stopped by a local sandwich shop after my workout and I thought for sure I must have left it there since it clearly wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I ran my errand and swung by the sandwich shop on the way back home. They, of course, hadn’t seen it. I started searching the space where I parked the night before and the walk between the shop and the space. I gave up and in my head I was already inventorying the contents of my wallet. As I was returning to my car, my wife texted me she found it, in my workout bag, in the very pocket I know I looked in three times. Now I’m sitting in my car ready to scream. I was frustrated at all that wasted time.

But then I looked out the windshield, and noticed there was a certain beauty of the sunshine after the night’s rain. That I wasn’t just walking a parking lot worried about my lost wallet, I was out enjoying the fresh air. It wasn’t as bitterly cold as yesterday. How lucky I am that my wife took the time to look for my wallet for me even though I told her I already looked in the bag. That this meant I didn’t have to cancel credit cards or replace my license. I also realized it was your influence that helped me see the positive instead of the negative in a situation like this.”


Daily positivity for the win! The more you practice –> the better you get –> the more goodness you see in the world, in others, and in yourself.

Happy hump day, y’all. Make it a good one.
– Joel

Also got this from another reader, Bec, yesterday… “I walked into my living room and looked up last night when my work day was done and had this beautiful view” 🤩