Ask me anything – finances

Back in high school one day I told my girlfriend, “I’m going to retire when I’m 33!”.

She laughed in my face. (and i don’t really blame her, it’s not like I had shown much initiative or had a solid plan in life)

Well… as coincidence would have it, years later just 3 months after my 33rd birthday, I quit my job and haven’t returned to full time work since. (Not sure if i’ll ever “retire” — but work at this point is mostly optional for my wife and I)

Yes, we have received many leg-ups and blessings in life… But at the core, we’ve grown our wealth by establishing these basic set of habits:

  • Earn more than we spend 👨‍💻
  • Invest the difference 📈
  • Track net worth regularly 💸
  • Review expenses and budget each month 📝
  • Celebrate wins, big or small, along the way (We do this usually on the 1st of every month!) 🥳

I’m not a financial genius who knows everything… But I do have a passion for how money works and flows. And I like helping others with their money issues/problems/roadblocks.

So if you have a question or if there’s something i can help you out with, shoot me a note. And if I don’t know the answer, maybe some of my really smart money friends do.

Happy 1st of the month!! Only 8% of the year left — let’s finish strong 💪
– Joel

My nephew in Australia, checking to make sure this kangaroo is OK. 🙂