Creativity breeds creativity…

“I went to an event a few years back and they had these little pencil drawings posted on boards all around the room. They were random little works of art in my opinion and I admired them at the time. I asked my friend who was the director of the organization holding the event and he told me they were on loan from an architectural firm that was sponsoring the event.

I met one of the principals of the firm at the party and he told me the story behind the drawings. He has all, and I mean all, the architects and employees, each morning sit down for 10 minutes and do a sketch. It can be anything they please, but they have to do it, these little works of art are the product…

The act of taking a minute to draw, for them cranks up the creative juices and gets them ready to solve problems for the day. They do this daily and don’t really realize that they are creating art in the process. I spoke to my buddy about this and he pointed out a few that were his actual drawings on display and I got to keep one, I display it in my house.”


This was a note I got from my friend Steve. How awesome is this little doodle trick!!

Reminder today: When you’re busy, worried, and stressed, the first thing to suffer is your creativity.

So relax! Doodle, write, color, paint, or whatever for a few minutes.

Stay creative my friends!
– Joel

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