Cross pollination – sharing the good stuff

Farmer Joe grew the best wheat.

Year after year, he won many awards and his wheat always took 1st place at the annual state fair.

One day a reporter asked Farmer Joe what his secret was – How did he keep winning and growing the best wheat?

Farmer Joe explained, “Every year I share my best seed with all my neighbors so they can plant it in their fields too”.

The reporter was confused by this. Farmer Joe continued…

“Due to winds and cross pollination, if my neighbors grow inferior wheat, then it will slowly degrade the quality of my wheat each year”.

I think I’ve shared this story before, but it’s worth repeating.

We all know that “we become the people we hang around”. But this doesn’t mean you need to cut out all your sub-par friends and only be near winners. Sometimes you can’t relocate your entire farm.

Instead, share your life secrets with others. You can influence good behaviors and good decisions for your friends.

Helping them win more —> helps you win more.

Have a great day, sharing your best stuff with others 🙂
– Joel


Pic up top by Warren Wong. Thanks for sharing your good stuff! 🙂