Digging my way out

***If you could only achieve 1 thing today, what would it be?***

Happy Friday peeps!

I’ve kind of screwed myself this week… Bit off more than I can chew and now I’m faced with a buttload of work today and not enough time to finish it all in. 😔

BUT… I’ve been in this situation before, and it always seems to work out. I just start with the biggest baddest ugliest task on my list that has the most impact on my output. Then, all the other stuff sort of falls in line after that.

(actually, i’m not sure this plan will work out but it makes me feel better thinking about it so I’m just gonna roll with it and see what happens)

Not sure what you’re up to today, but wishing you a productive one, doing what you do best.

Finish strong,

Another fun sign at the children’s museum in Santa Monica!